“Chaos Trifecta #3 — Death Note—PSYCHOPOMP, May 2023

“Chaos Trifecta #2 — On Guilt: Bound Feet, Helpmeet, Alice in Borderland“—PSYCHOPOMP, March 2023

“Chaos Trifecta #1 — Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities”—PSYCHOPOMP, January 2023


Full Immersion by Gemma Amor”—STRANGE HORIZONS, December 2022


Into the Riverlands by Nghi Vo”—STRANGE HORIZONS, December 2022

These Fantastic Lives by Bradley Sides Review”—STRANGE HORIZONS, May 2022


The Shadow Book of Ji Yun: The Chinese Classic of Weird True Tales, Horror Stories, and Occult Knowledge by Yun Ji, translated by Yi Izzy Yu and Jonathan Yu Branscum”—STRANGE HORIZONS, November 2021

Sweet Home Review”—STRANGE HORIZONS, June 2021

Tiny Pretty Things Review”—VELVET FIELDS MAGAZINE, January 2021


The Good Place Review”—VELVET FIELDS MAGAZINE, December 2020

The Queen’s Gambit Review”—VELVET FIELDS MAGAZINE, December 2020


Column: Unexpected Duos—Maudlin House



“The Haunting of Infrastructure: The Haunting of Hill House & Undocumented“—MAUDLIN HOUSE, August 2021

“Consumption & Sexual Desire: Goblin Market & The Importance of Being Earnest“—MAUDLIN HOUSE, August 2021

“The Patriarchy, Confinement, & The Domestic Sphere”—MAUDLIN HOUSE, July 2021

“The Fluidity of Culture and The Rigidity of Race”—MAUDLIN HOUSE, July 2021

“Trauma Through Iconic Imagery & Individual Experience”—MAUDLIN HOUSE, January 2021

“Clones, Intelligence, Art, and What It Means To Be Human: Never Let Me Go & The House of the Scorpion“—MAUDLIN HOUSE, January 2021

“The Transmission of Intergenerational Trauma: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous Beloved“—MAUDLIN HOUSE, January 2021


“The Tragedy and Comedy of Misunderstandings: Atonement & The Comedy of Errors“—MAUDLIN HOUSE, December 2020

“The Aesthetics of Love: The Black Prince & On Beauty”—MAUDLIN HOUSE, December 2020


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