“That Is Earth”—Haunted Waters Press, 2021

“Hello”—The Dark Magazine, April 2021

“Waves and Seesaws”—Hobart Pulp, March 2021

“A Grandmother’s Embrace”—Velvet Fields Magazine, February 2021

“Behind Miracle World”—Quail Bell Magazine, December 2020

“The House With All The Windows”—Button Eye Review, December 2020

“Dancing With Etta”—Maudlin House, October 2020


“Like Owls”—Star 82 Review, March 2021

“March”—Capsule Stories, March 2021

“My Relationship With My Sister Is”—Velvet Fields Magazine, March 2021

“A Dandelion; A Child”—Beyond Words Literary Magazine, March 2021

“Visit From Dragons”—Second Chance Literary, January 2021

“Singing and Screaming and Silence”—Rejection Letters, January 2021

“Staccato”—The Vital Sparks, December 2020

“Father”—Neuro Logical Literary Magazine, November 2020

“Replacement”—Velvet Fields Magazine, November 2020


Tiny Pretty Things Review”—Velvet Fields Magazine, January 2021

The Good Place Review”—Velvet Fields Magazine, December 2020

The Queen’s Gambit Review”—Velvet Fields Magazine, December 2020


“The True Villain ‘Among Us'”—Velvet Fields Magazine, November 2020

Column: Unexpected Duos—Maudlin House

“Clones, Intelligence, Art, and What It Means To Be Human: Never Let Me Go & The House of the Scorpion“—Maudlin House, January 2021

“The Transmission of Intergenerational Trauma: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous Beloved“—Maudlin House, January 2021

“The Tragedy and Comedy of Misunderstandings: Atonement & The Comedy of Errors“—Maudlin House, December 2020

“The Aesthetics of Love: The Black Prince & On Beauty”—Maudlin House, December 2020


The Humanness of Nature in Ai Jiang’s Poem ‘March‘”—Capsule Stories, March 2021

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