July Rambles — Book Deal, Chaos Trifecta, Book Box

Two-Book Deal — Titan Books

I’m happy to announce the novella—A PALACE NEAR THE WIND—I’d started during my week at the Humber School for Writers Summer Workshop (mentor: Naben Ruthnum) back in 2021 and later finished as a part of my dissertation for my Creative Writing MSc at the University of Edinburgh (Advisor: Patrick Errington) has evolved to become a duology!There is ecopunk, dark fantasy, cli-fi, steampunk, cyberpunk elements of horror all wrapped in a secondary world with a focus on the impact of industrialism on nature.For comparison, the first of the duology is akin to Shadow and BoneThe Empress of Salt and Fortune, and Avatar.For the second for, it’s something like a mix of AvatarAvatar the Last Airbender, and Love, Death, and Robots.A big thank you again to Cath Trechman from Titan for believing in the novella and my agent Lisa Abellera for championing it so fiercely! And of course to everyone who had a hand in shaping the novella—Naben, Jeanne, Patrick, Katie, Elou, and all my Humber Workshop mates.

I’ve already started thinking up some preorder campaign things for everyone to keep your eyes peeled for (handmade themed bookmarks!):

Unplugged Book Box — Twisted Retreat October: LINGHUN

So in a previous newsletter, I talked about LINGHUN appearing in an book box, and coming October, it shall be in Unplugged Book Box’s sister book box: Twisted Retreat! It shall have foiling and sprayed edges from what I know, and I’d sent back the signed tipped in pages for it as well, so if anyone is looking for a new book box to subscribe to or to collect another edition of LINGHUN…

Chaos Trifecta #6: Steps of Death in Three Stories

My newest PSYCOPOMP column piece is now up! For those looking for deathly story recs, we’ve got a mix of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy ghost stories by Thomas Ha, Suzan Palumbo, and L Chan mentioned!

Anthologies: +Horror Library+ Vol. 8 and Canterbury Nightmares

I have two stories out in the following anthologies! If y’all are looking for quiet horror… you know where to find me. On a side note, I’d received the loveliest note from the Canterbury Nightmares editor David Niall Wilson with my contributor copy and may have teared up in the car…​“Mazu—Goddess of the Sea” in +Horror Library+ Vol. 8

  • about the goddess of the sea Mazu watching over a man who perhaps loves the sea a little too much

“Think of Family: A Filial Daughter’s Tale” in Canterbury Nightmares

  • about a woman who’s beliefs and values on love, marriage, and children differ from her parents’

Translations: “Give Me English” (F&SF May/June 2022) — Japanese

Out in 紙魚の手帖Vol.12 is the Japanese translation of “Give Me English” with an amazing cover by artist Takeshi Oga!

AugurCon & FanExpo

On August 26th, I’ll be moderating panel at AugurCon and doing a reading. Do drop by if you happen to be in Toronto!And on the same weekend, on August 27th, I’ll be doing a panel organized by the HWA Ontario Chapter at FanExpo, which is also in toronto!

Writing Updates

I’m currently working on edits for novel—seems like a constant issue I have with first drafts is missing emotional history, scene setting, and a few world setting scenes prior to jumping in the way I do with short stories, so I’ll be working on filling those in. My agent and I have a short story collection on submission at the moment—fingers crossed! Then I shall be diving into research for the next novel/novella—the current plan is to have it be another haunted house one, but quite different from LINGHUN…

Certainly, I’m forgetting something, but if I remember, I’ll drop it in the next update!

Thank you as always for reading and supporting! Do hold onto your flashlights—and don’t wander too far into the dark… 👻


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