May Rambles — Nebulas, Stokers, I AM AI

So I’m once again a bit late on the newsletter, and hopefully I’ll get caught up soon, BUT here are some updates for May and forthcoming things for June. I hope everyone has been well! My AC has been broken so we’ve been boiling on this end…

In May, I attended the Nebula Awards as a finalist for the first time, and what I’ve discovered upon reflection is how different my position would have been if I hadn’t been. I suppose it is a thing that quells the imposter syndrome for a moment and makes it feel like I truly belong in a place with so many amazing writers, artists, game and film creators, industry professionals, among others present. But, eventually all that melted away because I was able to meet so many of my friends who I had only previously spoken to online, and then it didn’t really matter why I was there anymore but only the fact that I was there and able to finally spend time in person with my friends.

Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to future conventions because interacting with everyone I’ve met through Twitter so far in person is a very different feeling. And yes, I definitely had the post-con blues!

I’ll be at StokerCon in about two weeks and peddling some books (LINGHUN, I AM AI, & SMOL TALES)—likely in a repurposed rice sack (hopefully I don’t forget to bring it, but in case I do, here is a picture of what the rice sack looks like, and everyone can just image that I’m carrying books around the convention in this):

If y’all haven’t yet ordered I AM AI, do consider grabbing a copy! I’ll be having an in-person launch event at Little Ghosts Books on July 8th from 3-5PM EST and an online launch event with Space Cowboy Books on July 18th (grab a free ticket here)!

I went to Word on the Street festival in Toronto for the first time and also spoke on a Speculative Poetry panel alongside some wonderful poets! It was wonderful to see so many readers and writers gathered in one place! But I made the rookie mistake of someone who doesn’t leave the house enough—I forgot my sunscreen and hat, and in all honesty, I don’t tan, I burn, and it’s always just my nose, and I end up looking like Rudolph for two weeks…

I was a judge for a contest for the first time, and had a lovely time at the awards ceremony they held where each finalist piece was read aloud by industry professionals. It’s truly a different experience to hear stories spoken rather than read on the page!

ICYMI, I was on a Beyond the Western Canon: Exploring Asian-inspired Fantasy panel and did an interview on We Bleed Orange and Black Podcast (speaking about LINGHUN and I AM AI)! I also have a new article on PSYCHOPOMP—Chaos Trifecta #3: Death Note and the fourth CT column piece should be out on June 6!

In case y’all are looking for things to add onto your TBR, I’ve read a ton of amazing books this year, and I’ll drop a few below! (Some of these are already available while others are preorder only.)

  1. The Scarlet Alchemist by Kylie Lee Baker
  2. Dark Woods, Deep Water by Jelena Dunato
  3. Hunger as Old as This Land by Zach Rosenberg

On the current WIP, I still very much intend to finish up the first novel by mid-June and pass it along to my agent to go on sub, so I’ll be quite frantic for the next two weeks. On being on submission with my agent, I will vaguely say to keep your eyes peeled! On the film front, there has been some interesting things but of course nothing firmed, so I shall be continuing to cross my fingers!

That’s all for now, I think. Wishing everyone a wonderful June!

Thank you as always for reading and supporting! Do hold onto your flashlights—and don’t wander too far into the dark… 👻


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  1. Ai, you MORE THAN belong. … Excited to start LINGHUN soon. See you at StokerCon!

    1. Ahh I really hope you enjoy it and see you at StokerCon!!

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