April Rambles — Linghun Restock, Locus Award, I AM AI, & Updates

I hope this chaiotic little update finds everyone well!

It is officially the start of AAPI heritage month, so do stop by your local indie and grab a book or two by AAPI authors! LINGHUN is officially 1 month old tomorrow. It’s been amazing to see the reception for my debut novella so far! I’m immensely grateful for all the support I’ve been receiving and hope the book might continue to reach broader audiences!

I found out that not only is “Give Me English” a Nebula Award finalist, but the story has also become a Locus Award finalist! It’s truly an honour to know that so many have read and loved the story and to also be able to share a space with the other amazing writers on the list as well!

On the writing front, it’s been slow, but I’ve officially graduate from Odyssey Workshop so I’m hoping that means lot more free time on my hand to continue sloughing away on the WIPs.

One interesting thing I’ve discovered as of late as I was scouring Goodreads for cyberpunk novel comps is that there are quite a few novels labelled as “Science Fiction Fantasy” even though they are very much completely epic high secondary world fantasy. Marketing never ceases to boggle my mind, but I suppose I shall now market all my future works with the same label because I very much get comments about my sci-fi work seeming to be more sci-fi fantasy (given the improbability of the science). I do wonder if it helps with audience crossovers as well in making works reach and appeal to a wider readership.

On LINGHUN, it’s wild to think that under a month it’s sold over 1000 copies! If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, do consider! I’ve also restocked my online shop with signed copies along with the limited edition bookmarks. Each package will now come with a “bid token” sticker. For those who didn’t get one the first time around since they’re a later addition, do hunt me down at cons, and I’d be more than happy to give you one for free! I’m doing a limited run (10) of Tianqi Robot Pins as well, so do keep your eyes peeled if you might want to nab the collector’s item!

I do think this will be my last run for the bookmarks because of the amount of time it takes to individual pack everything and wing it along to the post.

With the Hugo Awards nomination deadline coming up, I’d like to once again note that my story “Give Me English” (May/June 2022—The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction) is eligible, as am I for the Astounding Award for Best New Writer. SFWA members can read the storyhere. And those who are interested in grabbing a copy of the issue can do so here! The story will also be translated and published in Japanese this August in Tokyo Sogensha!

We’ve also began to inquire about foreign and film/tv rights for both LINGHUN and I AM AI, so I’ll be crossing my fingers for news on both those fronts!

On the Nebulas, I’ll be attending in-person this year for the first time, and will be on two panels and an online reading! Do come say hi if you’re also attending!

Some custom stickers I made for I AM AI just came in, and they’ll be available for quantities last (along with customized bookplates) for paperbacks ordered directly from the Shortwave shop! Further news about I AM AI’s launch events forthcoming, but for now, do pencil in the following dates! (In-person launch—Little Ghosts Books, July 8th, @3-5PM EST & Online Launch—Space Cowboy Books, July 18th, @9-10PM EST)

Some updates for those who have missed them:

My episode with Talking Scared Podcast: 139—Ai Jiang & Home is Where the Haunt Is

My episode with Horror in the Margins

My new essay in Fantasy Magazine: “What Language Do You Think In?: On Being Lost in Translation”

As for a final note, I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to a very cool kickstarter project: Howls From the Wreckage: An Anthology of Disaster Horror!It’s a community-orientated and created anthology that is think well-deserves the support!

For those keen for unique tales centred around the concept of disaster while discovering new voices in horror and continue enjoying household names, I’d highly recommend backing this anthology!

The blurb: “HOWL Society Press presents its thrilling anthology of disaster horror, fittingly introduced by Nick Cutter, acclaimed author of The Troop and The Deep.”

And before I go, here are some pictures of Owl and Phantom with LINGHUN:

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