March Rambles — Nebulas, Linghun, & A Workshop

This is a much delayed update… March is almost over already, and it looks like I’ll have to push my current novel turn-in date back again as promo for Linghun ramps up. I can’t believe there’s less than a week until its release!

(If you wanted to take a peek at my derpy Linghun unboxing video, and my more put-together Smol Tales unboxing video).

*Sneak Peek Below—the engraved text is “Linghun” in Chinese*

Smol Tales From Between Worlds (my mini collection) is officially out since early March and should be available everywhere books are sold (as is Linghun), so do consider grabbing a copy if you haven’t already!

Earlier in March, I’d also received a lovely email from the VP of SFWA that at first caused panic because I thought I was in trouble, but it turns out that he was notifying me that “Give Me English (for SFWA members) is a Nebula Award Finalist in the Short Story category!!

Not only that, but the story will be translated into Chinese and published in print in World Literature 世界文学 late August and online in Future Affairs Administration 未来事务管理局 around the Hugo Awards Ceremony in October!

I’d love for everyone to consider the story for the Nebula Awards final ballot (Deadline April 30), the Hugo nominations (Deadline April 30), the Locus Awards(Deadline April 15—no membership required), the Aurora Awards (Deadline April 22). I’m also eligible for The Astounding Award for Best New Writer (Voting is part of the Hugos).

But as always, do check out all the works on the various lists floating about, along with the works that aren’t on them, and vote for what sings to you.

Some publications I have out this month:

Yinying—Shadow” in Uncanny Magazine (899 words—Ghost Story)

Cover Your Eyes” in Planet Scumm (3,200 words—Dystopian)

Review of Gemma Amor’s Full Immersion in Strange Horizons

Some interviews/readings/appearances:

Lovecraft eZine Podcast

Speaking for Unquiet Spirits & ​Unquiet Author Readings

Reach Your Apex Workshop:

I’ll be running a workshop for Apex Magazine’s Reach Your Apex online workshop series: “Using Unconventional Perspectives in Storytelling”. If it’s something you might be interested in, do register! There are only 18 seats available, and 2 will be reserved/free for individuals in financial hardship.

Wilted Pages Update:

We have successfully funded the project through our Kickstarter campaign, and we are so excited for you all to read the stories from our invited authors and those chosen from the submissions period (we are currently still considering everything we have received so far)! We are truly grateful for all the support we have received!

Upcoming Conventions:

I’ll be attending StokerCon, Nebula Conference, and Chengdu WorldCon in person this year, so I hope I get to meet some of you there! Of course, like the usual sad hamster gif I use featuring Hamtaro dragging a sack of rice, I will be bringing some signed copies with me and trying to peddle them off to unsuspecting attendees. Perhaps I will quite literally put my books in a rice sack and walk around like that—we shall see.

Some smol words of gratitude:

And for those who have been asking and showing their concern, my current sleeping schedule is ~4-6AM to 12:00PM so I’ve figured out how to get a decent amount of sleep! Odyssey Workshop is absolutely kicking my butt at the moment as I attempt to juggle it with everything else, but we’re in the last stretch, and I’ve gained much more than the hours of sleep I’ve lost. I appreciate you all—will try to let the sleep monster take me when there’s a moment for air! 🥺🤍🫂

Thank you as always for reading and supporting! Do hold onto your flashlights—and don’t wander too far into the dark… 👻


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