Fall 2021-2022 Writing Stats

September 2021-September 2022 Stats

*I’ll probably do another one of these for just 2022, but since I did one for Sept. 2020-Sept. 2021, I thought it might be better to be consistent! (Below are the stats for a mix of stories, poetry, CNF, anthology invitations, and reprints — doesn’t include withdrawn/no response submissions)

Acceptances: 77 (SFWA/HWA Pro Sales: 24 | Other Paid Sales: 41 | Unpaid: 12)

Published: 53

Rejections: 578

Total Submissions Sent: 797

Overall Acceptance Rate: ~9.7%

January – September 2022 Stats

*Some stats from this year alone. The one for all of 2022 will be forthcoming at the end of December!

Acceptances: 59 (SFWA/HWA Pro Sales: 20 | Other Paid Sales: 30 | Unpaid: 9)

Published: 39

Rejections: 364

Total Submissions Sent: 477

Overall Acceptance Rate: ~12.4%

Some fun POV Stats out of the stories I’ve had published so far:

Out of 73 stories sold (not including reprints/CNF), the POVs include:

1st past: 19
1st present: 16
1st past/2nd address: 2
1st present/2nd address/2nd present: 1
1st present/2nd address: 1
1st plural present: 4
1st plural past: 2
1st past/1st plural past/3rd past: 1
2nd past: 1
2nd present: 8
2nd present/past: 1
3rd past: 14
3rd present: 1
1st/2nd/3rd: 1 (Linghun)
1st past/3rd past: 1
1st present/past: 1

Current novella WIP: 1st past
Debut novel WIP: 1st present

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  1. Good job Ai!

  2. Those statistics are AMAZING; congratulations! I’m in awe of your persistence and prolificacy.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words!!

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