Awards Eligibility 2021 (& some stats)

I’m still not 100% sure how awards and eligibility works but here are the stories I’ve had published in 2021 for consideration! If you have the time to read them or have already read and enjoyed them, do consider nominating them for an award! (If you only have time for one or two stories, I’ve marked out some of my personal favourites with an asterick and provided the genre for your convenience!) In the case where stories not being available for free online, I’d be more than happy to provide a copy for consideration.


“Hello”—THE DARK MAGAZINE, April 2021 (Dark Fantasy)

“That Is Earth”—HAUNTED WATERS PRESS, May 2021 (Science Fiction)

“Jinli Yu”—LUNA STATION QUARTERLY, September 2021 (Fantasy)

“Hunting Season”—TL;DR PRESS, September 2021 (Science Fiction)

“Yǒngshí”—THE DARK MAGAZINE, September 2021 (Dark Fantasy)*

“The Year of the Niu”—FLASH FICTION MAGAZINE, October 2021 (Fantasy)

“The Catcher in the Eye”—THE DARK MAGAZINE, November 2021 (Horror)

“Missing Dolls Around The World”—THE DARK MAGAZINE, December 2021 (Horror)*

House—Unpainted”—THE DREAD MACHINE, December 2021 (Horror)*

“The Rabbits”—MYRIAD, HEXAGON MAGAZINE, December 2021 (Horror)


“Ascenkin’s Roots”—HAVEN SPEC, November 2021 (Dark Fantasy)

“Tongue Work”—CLAW & BLOSSOM, September 2021 (Horror)

2021 STATS

Total Story Acceptances: 25 (8 literary, 17 speculative) — (2 SFWA Pro Sales | 5 HWA Pro Sale | Total Paid Sales: 16)

Total Stories Published: 16 (6 literary, 10 speculative)

Total Poems Acceptances: 13 (7 literary, 6 speculative) — (Total Paid Sales: 6)

Total Poems Published: 9 (7 literary, 2 speculative)

*For rejections and overall stats, look at the previous post that sums up September 2020-September 2021!

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

  1. Very impressive stats! Keep on writing!

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